Thursday, 20 June 2013

A bit on Roof Painting and Roof Repair

As part of your on going house painting maintenance schedule, your roof is the easiest to overlook...until that leak appears over the bed and wakes you up on a stormy night.

No matter what sort of roof you have, you will want to keep on top of the building maintenance. If you have terracotta tiles, shingles (either slate or bitumen) or copper, you wont need to worry about adding it to your house painting schedule, as these roof won't need painting. However these types of roofs will still need a roof repair professional  to go over it. Give us a call at Banks Building and we'll be happy to help you sort it.

Roof cleaning and maintenance

Have it cleaned every few years to get rid of the moss and gunge, also any lifting tiles, loose fixings or broken mortar and capping need to be dealt with by a building maintenance professional.While it may cost a few thousand dollars to bring your roof up to par, you will be saving those dollars many times over in avoiding a full re-roof by keeping up on the roof repairs and maintenance.

Roof painting

You can add years to your corrugated or concrete tile roof with a few coats of paint, and it will look so much better after dealing with that much needed roof maintenance and roof repair.

Roofing contractor

When you are looking at getting a roofing contractor to price your roof repairs and house painting make sure you get references and testimonials of course, but also make sure you get a specification on what type of paint they will use and how may coats will be applied as this will make a big difference to the life of the paint job.
And make sure on of your quotes comes from us here at Banks Building Maintenance :)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Roof maintenance and roof repair

Tips on roof maintenance and roof repair

When it rains outside you’d like to be dry and warm inside your home. Having a well maintained roof, without leaks, will help you achieve this :-). Below a few tips on how to maintain your tiled roof.


Cracked roof tiles

One of the most common causes of a leaky roof is a faulty tile. Old roof tiles may have small cracks in them which are only visible when you look at them closely.  You might have a few spare tiles lying around and replace the tiles yourself, but if you lack the time or working on a roof is not your thing, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Banks Building can source and replace tiles on your roof. 


Roofing cement or mortar

Roofing cement or mortar is the material which holds the tiles which sit on the top edges of your roof (the ridge and hip) securely in their place. With our windy climate it is important that the roofing mortar is well maintained; you don’t want tiles blown off the roof during a good storm. The mortar sits on the most exposed part of a tiled roof, and therefor it is subjected to the worst of our weather. You should regularly check the roofing cement or mortar for cracks and leaks.

Small cracks in the mortar are fairly easy to repair, using mortar. This process is called re-mortar and repointing tiles. Not only will your roof look much better, the repair will also make your tile roof more secure and watertight. The cement can be coloured to match the colour of your tiles. There is a great product called Flexipoint, a trowelable, custom coloured, permanently flexible adhesive which is suitable for this job. However, since the repair involves climbing around on your roof you might want to leave this one to the professionals. If the mortar is too far gone, the roof mortar should be completely removed, re-bedded and repaired. 


Roof maintenance

A damaged roof not only affects the look of your property, but can cause major problems further down the track. The damage from water leaks or rot caused by leaks, can end up costing thousands of dollars in the future. Banks Building can look after all your roof repair and maintenance needs: 
  • repair or replace broken & damaged tiles; 
  • re-mortar & repoint hips & ridge tiles; 
  • repaint your roof
Be careful when you climb into your roof space to check tiles. 
Cheers, Andre